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The Path

The people, the situations, the world that surrounds us are nothing more than the projection of our feelings and emotions, and only by thanking all of their manifestations we will be able to completely accept ourselves.
Attraverso questo senso di Gratitudine si può esercitare la Thanks Attitude .

Through this sense of Gratitude, we can practice the Thanks Attitude.

The Thanks Attitude mainly involves 4 levels, which can be identified by names and colours:

The first level (red): parents (The Roots)
The second level (orange): The Partner (Sharing)
The third level (yellow): Ourselves (Self-Esteem)
The fourth level (green): Life (The Heart)

If we presume that our life is a crystal vase which needs to be filled with water, then we must proceed step by step: by filling the first part of the vase (parents), then the second one, then the third one and only then water will spill from the top thus allowing us to access the fourth level which is Life.

Thaatt Vase

But, if we find a leak on the first level as we fill our receptacle, we will have to keep adding water. Otherwise the level would drop if we were to stop and this would make us feel as if we were being sucked towards the bottom and regressing.

Leaks symbolize the limits in our personality and they are shortcomings or flaws that we can ascribe to our parents, our partner or ourselves. Leaks are an integral part of the receptacle that is assigned to us at the beginning of our life and there can be more than one for each level; some are tiny and hard to find, others are more visible but harder to seal.

We can’t continue with our Personal Growth without first fixing them.

Since the day we noticed that this “crystal vase” existed, our life changed forever.
We have gone back to the base and the first leaks we have repaired belong to Level 1 of the Thanks Attitude: our parents.

From then on, our life has taken a very different direction…a direction which is rewarding us with invaluable moments of great serenity day by day.

For years, we fought our battles, each of us on his or her own (we have met in March 2011). We have fought against those situations or people that we considered “wrong”. We didn’t know back then, but basically we were fighting exactly “the leaks in the vase”.

Those leaks, though, are not to be fought. They are actually essential to our Growth because it is right next to them that water runs faster and they make it easier for us to notice that the vase is not empty.

Water is the archetype of Love.

Leaks are the archetype of the difficult times that we might face on our journey. When we fully grasp this concept, then we don’t persist in fighting against the leaks anymore and we do the opposite: we start thanking them.

Understanding the importance of giving thanks for each experience we go through is the greatest gift Life has given to us.

We would like to share it with you.


Rob & Mar

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