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Give Thanks to Life

The Thanks Attitude was born on 3 May 2011 and even if the 4 levels were immediately clear to us, right from the very start, the deep knowledge about them came to us along the journey through Thaatt itself.

We wrote down our knowledge on the first level right away; on the second one after a few months (while we were testing ourselves as being “a couple through growth”) and on the third one after a year and a half.

The deep nature of Level 4 came to us in March 2013 during a specific event (The Circle of Life) which we had attended as exhibitors. During those 3 days we lived in the energy of Gratitude and, when we returned home, right on that trip back, we understood what the essence of the 4th level was all about.

Since then we have been very busy and we have not yet found the time to write about our latest discoveries…but it won’t be long.


Rob & Mar.